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Arrested Sounds Wedding DJ, Chesterton, Valparaiso, Portage, Michigan City, Laporte

  My name is Joe Christian and I am the owner of Arrested Sounds and also the DJ/event planner that you will work with throughout the entire wedding planning process.   Arrested Sounds is an exclusive wedding DJ company.   We focus on our client’s needs and dreams and not on how many wedding we can book.  We specialize in weddings because we love working with brides and grooms to plan the most important day of their lives!   We are also always truly honored when we are chosen to DJ a couples wedding.   We personalize each wedding reception because a couple only says "I Do" once.   As we all know and have probably experienced at some point in our lives, a good DJ can make a reception amazing and a bad DJ can ruin a reception.   We encourage all brides and grooms to research a DJ and the company they work for before hiring them.    I guarantee you will find that Arrested Sounds is a premier DJ company in Northwest Indiana and that I am a premier DJ.  To read each and every review on my company please go to our Arrested Sounds Facebook page or Wedding Wire Store Front. 
Traditional Wedding Package
wedding package, Sand Creek Country Club, Chesterton Indiana

Six continual hours of mixed music.  Premium sound equipment (The venue size will determine how much sound equipment is need for the event.).  All L.E.D. dance floor lighting (a comination of wash/effect lights).  Wireless microphones for speeches and announcements.   Lighted DJ façade customized to match wedding colors.  Emcee/reception expertise and management for the entire evening.   Arrested Sounds elite wedding reception planning process (multiple planning meetings and exclusive planning information and documentation for a stress free wedding day) and industry leading client care (24/7 365 days availability).   This package will accommodate a couple that has less than 100 guests and does not have the need for  extra dance floor lighting or architectural lighting, but still wants an amazing professionally planned wedding reception.   The picture to the left shows the Traditional wedding package set up and equipment.

Elegance Wedding Package
 All components of the Traditional package plus 12 architectural lighting fixtures.   Additional dance floor lighting (two incredible multi-effect lighting fixtures).  This package will accommodate a couple that wants additional dance floor lighting and architectural lighting as color accents.   The Elegance package is perfect for any size venue and the extra dance floor lighting will have your guests celebrating all night long!!!! 
Arrested Sounds Wedding DJ, Chesterton, Valparaiso, Butterfield Pavilion, Uplighting, Rustic Wedding
Exquisite Wedding Package
 All components of the Traditional and Elegance Packages with the added bonus of 12 architectural lighting fixtures and moving head intelligent lighting with illuminated columns.   DJ Assistant and unedited video recording including bridal party introductions, speeches, ceremonial dances, and memorable dance floor footage captured throughout the celebration.   This package will accommodate a couple that wants their venue to look like a picture out of a bridal magazine.  With virtually every color of the rainbow as an option, we will customize a color scheme that will amaze you and your guests.   This package also comes with intelligent lighting!!!   Once the party starts you and your guests will think you have just stepped into a high end Chicago nightclub!!   This package will accommodate venues that seat up to 500 guests.  

Arrested Sounds Wedding DJ, Sand Creek Country Club, Chesterton, Uplighting,
Exquisite Wedding Package Video
Customized Wedding Packages
Some afternoon wedding receptions do not need dance floor lighting, so why should you be charged for something you don't need.  Let Arrested Sounds customize a wedding package to meet your needs and dreams!!
Other Wedding Services
Want ceremony music?  Let Arrests Sounds handle the important
task of making your ceremony even more memorable and elegant by adding music!
Need Private Security?   Arrested Sounds can assist you with your security needs.  The owner is an 19 year veteran with a local law enforcement agency.